Excellent Harvest Service at St Teilo’s

It was a very well attended Harvest Service at the beautiful  St Teilo’s Church,Llantilio Pertholey.The Church had been beautifully decorated by some of the Church Congregation and four Llantilio Pertholey Village Produce Association Ladies on Saturday morning prior to the All Welcome Sunday afternoon Service.Something we intend to do again in 2019.

Father Julian had arranged for “The Angel Bakery”to cook a Lovely Harvest Loaf.We were also fortunate enough to have a Lady called Mary to also cook another very attractive Harvest Loaf and donate it.These loaves were included in the service and at the end were shared out to the Congregation when we had refreshments very kindly provided by the Congregation of the Church.

The Service rightly reflected the First World war and the importance of Farmers, Agriculture and the production of Food.It also Highlighted the part Women played in this terrible time.Which ultimately changed so much for Women with their involvement and after the War starting to be recognized more for their capabilities!

After the forming of the first “Women’s Institute in 1915 in Wales” and subsequently with their assistance “The Womens Land Army”,who did so much to help feed the Country.We in the VPA had Women who served in this amazing Organisation,some getting married due to  being placed at Farms.Our Past President Tui Clapp, now retired to Somerset was one such amazing woman.She carried on along with many others this aim for many years from being a Farmers Wife to becoming County President of the Monmouthshire VPA’S. An Association with Usk Agricultural College was the first formative years of VPA’S and this continued until these Colleges were altered under the name of Progress.Mike Foster who was Head of Horticulture at this College for very many years and the Backbone of the  25 VPA’S around the County tried very hard to save this Set Up.Unfortunately the County Show we had and other events succumbed to the reorganisations.Mike was a very dissapointed person at this when he ended up being one of our Members ,as various VPA’s finished. The History of our Organisation owes so much to him and his efforts along with others.Many Llantilio Pertholey Members have played an important part in our areas appeal and continue to do so.We have people who have been members for well over 50 years.

This “Dig for Victory Campaign”, led after the Second World to the formation of Village Produce Associations to carry on with instructing how to grow food,produce Eggs and Butter etc. Llantilio Perholey formed in 1956 just about when Rationing ended after the War.

                                                      Father Julian and Jessica deserve a lot of Credit for putting together a very thought provoking Service.Also thanks to The Choir and Mrs Wooley for playing the Organ and anyone else who helped in any way at all,it was much appreciated.

Jumble Sale next 20th October at The Community Hall,doors open to public at 1:15pm.SEE YOU THEN, THANK YOU.


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