Gavenny Gardening Club Cancellation of all 2020 events

Unfortunately due to the uncertainty concerning Covid 19, after twice this year Cancelling events.We have decided for the safety of everyone concerned that all remaining planned events for 2020 are Cancelled! We are extremely dissapointed to have to take this action but the practicalities of holding events, when allowed , under present restrictions forced us into this choice.

As long as Restrictions are lifted to enable us to hold Meetings and events we hope to recommence on Monday 18th January 2021.This will be as usual a 7:00pm start at The Community Hall,The Mardy,gates and doors open at 6:45pm.

                                    Our Speaker will be Roger Evans giving a Presentation on “Funghi” ! Competitions that night will be :-

1/ Flower of the Month   2/ Funghi ( any MEDIUM )  3/ Autumn Scene ( any Medium )

Everyone is invited to attend, Subscriptions will be collected that night .We expect a reduced amount of £5 per head for the year 2021 due to the events lost in 2020. This is to show our appreciation to our MEMBERSHIP. We hope to RE-Book  Speakers from 2020 ,also to book the same Outings.

Keep safe everyone and your Families. Current Contacts in your 2020 Membership Booklets still apply,if you wish to get in touch!