Gavenny Gardening Club Further Cancellations or Postponements

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well ! Firstly we would like to express our Admiration and Gratitude to the Wonderful people who are doing exceptional things for us at this Uniquely Dangerous time! So many in various ways are “Putting Themselves Out Their”! WE SALUTE AND THANK YOU ALL!!!

As Gavenny Gardening Club, this years events  start to be planned last August/September. After having two Meetings in January and February which were thoroughly enjoyed,we were looking forward to more Excellent Presentations and Outings.As everyone knows the World has been Overtaken by this Crisis,so we Look forward hopefully to a Full Programme of Events in 2021.Also Events towards the end of this year !! On top of the previously Cancelled events in our last Post,we have had to make further decisions.We Thank the Members and Committee who have been involved in Reorganising these matters.

During these times  two Members ,including a Life Member who was involved for approximately 60 years and a very long standing Member have passed away.We were able to attend the Funerals, where  there was a large turnout showing the Esteem these people were held in.. Also two former Members,who were very involved in the Old VPA Set Up passed.  One of our newer Members Fathers has also Passed. Due to the very severe restrictions involved at Funerals at this time ,these events have been even harder for the families concerned.We off er our deepest Condolences and thoughts to all.

With our Members Safety the Prime Consideration,also as The Community Hall is shut until further Notice and Gatherings cannot take place. We have had to “Cancel” the following Regular Meetings at The Hall,April and June ,Our Two OUTINGS which were planned in May and July are Cancelled. Our Members Tea Party due to be held in July is at this time Postponed until hopefully later in the year!

Very unusually our Annual Members Show due to be held the first Saturday in September is “Cancelled for this year”.We shall decide on the Regular Meeting due to be held in the Hall in August and September once we know more details!!

                                    We have Booked our Harvest Festival Service at St Teilo’s Church.Also for the First time,AT A New Venue, the Social Secretary has Booked a “Daytime Harvest Supper Meal” .We shall have to wait and see about the Second of our Annual” Jumble Sales” due to be held on October 17th!

         Also our Christmas Lunch and Party are Booked at “The Monmouthshire Golf  Club” .Entertainers have been  contacted.

It certainly looks like another Sunny day out their! I have contacted a Licensed Waste Disposal Gent to take away some Garden Waste on Thursday,as We do not know how long it will be for access to our “Recycling Centre”! When it does open.I should think it will be Manic !!!

Best wishes everyone!!