Pre Valentine Lunch !

We have re-arranged the cancelled Xmas Lunch.It will now be held slightly earlier,at the same venue,12:30 pm for 1:00 pm dining.We hopefully shall have “The Pub Singers” to entertain following this,from 2:30 until 3:30 approximately.We have to Vacate the Hall by 16:00 hrs for another Group to use it.

The “Man in Red” shall not be arriving ” I am told he has gone on his Holidays ” !! There will be no need to bring a Present ,as their will be no Sack to put it into !!

We shall be “Having a Raffle and Bottles of Wine etc will be Welcomed”.This is a change of Policy regarding the Raffle Prizes.

Full details will be given at the Normal Meeting on Monday 15th January,commencing at 19:00hrs.We shall have the pleasure of a Malcolm Meadows presentation.This will be “David Hockney a retrospection on 80 years”,this shall be accompanied with Music.Everyone is welcome to attend what should be a very enjoyable evening .