Excellent Christmas Lunch enjoyed, Urgent Hall Concerns

Forty Five Members and invited Guests enjoyed a lovely Lunch supplied by “Sisters Catering” yesterday. We then had some entertainment, Carols and the arrival of Father Christmas. He had to appear out of the “Storage Cupboard” to avoid the cost of paying for the Committee Room to change in! This finished off our “Diamond Jubilee Year Celebrations”. Many thanks to anyone who helped in any way . Thankfully Jane our Treasurer found time to supply some decorations and Christmas Lights to put some kind of “Christmas Ambience” into the bare undecorated Community Hall. We managed just to return the key in time not to incur “The Penalty Charge” payment that has been imposed by current Interim Hall Management Committee.

It feels like the interim Hall Management Committee are operating a “Scrooge Mentality” with our Community Hall ! Even though it is suggested that  Llantilio Pertholey Community Councils funds are at a good level. Without having an Annual General Meeting though, supposedly to take place in 2017, this cannot be verified ?

We even had to get a Member to go home and bring a supply of Toilet Paper into the three Toilets ,as there was none supplied. Upon reporting this when returning the Key at the end of our Party, to The Mardy Stores, we were told the Cleaner had been in that morning ? 

In November at our Annual General Meeting when we used the Integral Overhead Projector the images projected were very poor. When this was reported we were told that it was unsure if there was now a current Maintenance Contact for this Equipment ! This was due to the fact that the projector has not now been maintained under the  “New Regime”. We hope this is given “Urgent attention”  to allow our Speakers to show their excellent presentations at their best. It would be a very poor reflection on our Community Hall Management Committee if this important matter is not dealt with. When experts are travelling 60-70 miles and you are paying a reasonable sum for this, it is demeaning to not supply Equipment up to Standard.

Various Associations/Clubs  who have been long term users of the Community Hall have “Voted with their Feet” and have already or will soon no longer be Booking it’s use. They have gone elsewhere where they are more welcome by the seems of it ! As Residents of our Community this is a very worrying time for the future  “Viability” of the Community Hall. We have been users of the this Hall since it was built ,many of our Past and Current Members were behind it’s building and the running of it for all these Years.

We wonder why the current Policy is being followed by Llantilio Pertholey Community Councils  Hall Management Committee. Which incidentally has the same Chairman as Llantilio Pertholey Community Council Mr G Cowan.