Sadness at Community Hall position

During our 60 years existence we have never experienced such  “Anti Community Behaviour” from the Community Council. We have had very many Members,great Mardy people who have been involved with the building and developed our Community Hall .The fantastic people who have voluntarily managed and run Llantilio Pertholey Community Hall have decided they can take no more of the current Community Councils Actions. The voluntary Community Hall Management Committee ,a Charity run for the Communities interest have disbanded. It is a very sad indictment of the current way the Community Hall is being run. We would like to Thank the wonderful people who have invested so much time and effort for us at The Community Hall and spent so much money upgrading the facilities over many years. Our Speakers that appear are always extremely impressed with our Community Hall.

It appears that the Community Council who we thought are their to serve the Community are going to make it almost impossible for our Community Group to function. We currently have approximately 55 members who very much enjoy their evening out. As we have speakers sometimes travelling 65-70 miles, taking 30 minutes to set up their displays. The Interim Hall Management Committee’s newly imposed rules on charges and conditions of use are  “Anti User Friendly”. Not being able to collect the key from The Mardy Store until 15 minutes before the Meeting and a penalty charge if you get it early or return it later than 15 minutes after the finish is Draconian.The Keysafe was an excellent idea, only abused when it’s code was given out by a Community Councillor to people who were not entitled to have the information. To penalise regular users of this facility is ridiculous. The New Charges increased so drastically for Community Groups put OUR  Community Hall’s use under serious threat. We face an increase of over 25% in our costs, having many older Members we try to give value for money.  Imposing these charges makes putting on a Free show for the public a very difficult proposition. The new charges were going to cost us nearly £200 to put on the show.What a Wonderful way to celebrate our “Diamond Jubilee Year”!