NGS Open Garden The Brooks

Marion Stainton BSc ( Hons) Horticulture,Dip Hort,MCI Hort of “The Brooks” near Pontrilas is coming to do a presentation for us on 17th August.She is opening her garden for the “NGS” Scheme on Sunday 14th June and Sunday 13th September,Open 2-5-30pm,home made cake,refreshments and plant sales.It is a 2.5 acre garden with stunning views of “The Golden Valley,the stone farmhouse dates to 1684.

Full details can be found on the website:- broooks/index.html

The NGS Site is:-

Excellent Outing yesterday

Our day out yesterday passed through Hereford and then out on the Canon Pyon Road.We had some “Heavy Dew” falling from the sky at this time ! We then arrived at the very picturesque Eardisland,with the amazing Dovecote and beautiful scenery and Historic buildings.Despite the cold stuff falling from the sky we thoroughly enjoyed our curtailed visit.It was very obvious that this was very much a Community and could see that it was a place where you could sit back by the beautiful River Arrow and relax.

We then proceeded to Pembridge,taking an alternative route due to roads being closed after a very serious road incident.We saw some very rural landscape and some wonderful small “Black & White” buildings as we travelled along small lanes.Bob our coach driver did a fantastic job getting us to Pembridge,dropping us off by the historic Market Place and the 17th Century New Inn.We enjoyed exploring in the sunshine,the various wonderful buildings.Also the phenomenal separate belfry of the church.

All our members enjoyed a very warm welcome during our visit.Everyone was very pleased with the excellent food provided by The Red Lion,The New Inn,Ye Olde Steppes Tea Shop and The Main Street Cafe and Tea Rooms.

We then left and travelled the short distance to Westonbury Mill Water Garden.Everyone had a great visit, this unique garden is a marvellous place to enjoy.Amazingly people found room to partake of food ,beautiful cake,Ice Cream,drink including some wonderful Dunkerton’s Perry, in the excellent Watermill Cafe onsite.

We then had a great scenic ride via Winforton,Glasbury,Talgarth and Pengenfford,Tretower and Crickhowell on the way home.