Best Wishes to Bruised Compatriots !

We send our Best Wishes for speedy recoveries to several of our Members who have had Falls and feel a bit battered and bruised at the moment.Also to a couple of Members who were affected by bad flooding of their home last week.It was nice to see some people at the meeting who have had various health issues lately and hopefully are on the way to recovery.

                    Various memories and facts emerged during our “Chat about our VPA’s past” at last nights meeting.Some humorous tales were recounted and some “Characters exploits remembered”.Displayed were a variety of memorabilla,and one of our Life Members Brian Savegar’s name appears at the formation Meeting of our VPA ( next year will be Brians 60th year with us ).Brian was our Secretary then and some of his original very hard and precise work was displayedGeorge Smith our Vice President and Don Prosser also are on the paperwork then.Along with many other people who were remembered for their parts in our developement.

There were some very interesting entries in our Monthly competitions and some marvellous recollections of people’s “Earliest Childhood Memory”.Christmas 1935 in Herefordshire ,the 6 mile journey into Hereford and the exciting visit to “Greenlands Shop”  to see Father Christmas was recounted .

Being invited to a game of “Cowboys & Indians” and “Cap Guns” was another tale.The only problem being that in the Garage owned by the Father of the boy who was “The Cowboy”  is that he was shooting with an “Air Rifle”.It was stated that this boy was never invited to go and play at our members house!

An Ancient Cup & Saucer was on display ? the explanatory note stated that in the snows of 1947 our Member used to drink his tea from the saucer.He as a youngster had been re-located for 3 months to his Grandparents house because of the extreme weather.

An “Old Photo of Abergavenny” was another Class in which there were excellent entries.For instance there were two photographs showing the very bad flood in Lower Monk Street in 1921.Incidentally my Grandfather lived next door to the house washed away by the River Gavenny.A book with exceptionally old photographs was displayed ,one being Abergavenny Cricket Club 1864.

We hope the evening was enjoyed by the Members who attended during the current  “Cold Snap”.

First meeting of 2015

Happy,Healthy New Year to all,We have one week to our First Meeting “Memories of our Village Produce Association”.Hopefully this blustery,stormy weather will have then past us by.It could well be that my Camellia “Donation” that is in flower extra early, is going to get a nasty shock with the weather yet !! At least there are signs of the daylight hours extending !

Come along and re-call your memories of how things have been in the years since our formation in 1956.We are sure there are many humorous stories to be told.Also tales of the people,some who are no longer with us and the part they have played in our history.We always welcome any new members.